Humpback Whales

During the winter months the Humpback Whales migrate from the colder, southern oceans to birth and frolic in the warmer Tongan waters. 

Discover empty beaches, enjoy a picnic and view the whales from a number of vantage points along Tongatapu coast line.

Join a whale watch trip out on the ocean or swim with the whales for a once in a life time experience.


Thanks Due

Nearly all photographs of the whales and underwater have been shared with us by Darren Rice of Matafonua Lodge in Ha'apai.  Matafonua is a true south pacific paradise with one of the worlds finest underwater photographers & videographer as host.  Most worthy of the adventure and truly a Once In A Life Time experience.

Check out Darren's moving "singing in the ocean deeps" mother and calf on Vimeo and visit the Matafonua website.


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Diving and snorkeling is world-class and all levels can be supported.

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  • Amazing corals and magnificent, crystal clear waters